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Aline Bennett-Miller had no interest in anything other than the law and her parents.
Xavier Pierce wanted Aline and was determined to have her.
Will she give a relationship a chance?
Will Xavier blow it by pushing too hard?

Originally published as Entangled by Lacey Roberts








Watched by an Angel Full


Chapter One

Alistair and Linc stood on each side of their beautiful daughter as the knife sliced through her 21st birthday cake. When she removed her hand from the knife, her friends clapped and her fathers each kissed her cheeks.

“I can’t believe our daughter is twenty-one already,” Linc said to Alistair as Aline was whisked away onto the dance floor.

“We’re getting old, darling. I don’t know where the years have gone. We have raised a beautiful, caring and loving daughter. A young lady her mother would be so proud of,” Alistair replied.

Linc reflected. “She’s only six years younger than Phoebe was when she died. I still miss her so much and I see so much of her in our baby girl.” He felt the prickle of tears. There was not a day that went by when he didn’t wish Phoebe was still with them.

Alistair took his lover’s hand. “I know. I miss her terribly but no morbid thoughts tonight, sweetheart. Dance with me.” He led Linc onto the dance floor and drew him into his arms. They gazed into each other’s eyes.

Even at fifty-four years old, Linc was a devastatingly handsome man. His fair hair now had numerous streaks of grey but his body was still as taut and muscled as it had been when they’d met almost thirty years before.

Aline smiled as a waltz played and her fathers swayed in each other’s arms. She watched as Alistair lifted his head from Linc’s shoulder and Linc’s lips dived onto his. They were still so deeply in love. She craved a love like that.

“Watching your fathers?” Bradley asked as he held Aline close.

She nodded. “They love each other so much and have taught me so much about life. I can understand why my mother loved them both.”

“They’re good men. From the first day of school, when we first met, I thought you were so lucky to have two dads.”

“Hmmm, I am extremely lucky but I do miss not having a mother. I have Aunt Celeste and Aunt Becca but, as good as they are and, as much as I love them, it’s not quite the same.”

“I know honey.” Bradley drew her closer and kissed the top of her hair as they swayed.

“I miss you when I’m away at University. I miss hanging out with you, talking with you. I wish we were at school in the same town.”

Bradley had been her best friend since her first day of school. She hadn’t wanted to leave Linc and Alistair but Bradley had taken her by the hand and declared he would always take care of her. For the past sixteen years he had kept his word. They discussed everything, they knew each other’s deepest secrets. She loved him deeply, as he did her. Her: as friends, nothing more. Him: he wanted so much more.

Her best friend from University, Callie Grey, sashayed over when the music stopped. “Aline, you are so beautiful. Emerald green really suits you. The silky material clings to every one of your luscious curves. Every man in the room has eyes only for you. I’m so jealous.”

“Callie, you always exaggerate,” Aline laughed.

They linked arms and wandered back to where Linc and Alistair stood talking to David and Tony. They, along with their wives were her godparents.


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