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A Strange Cult…………..

Will Detective, Flynn Mitchell and Forensic Pathologist, Lily Reid assemble the puzzle which solves the mystery of a young man’s death before it’s too late?

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Chapter One

“Tom, Lucas, hold up,” Tamara yelled as she brought her bicycle to a stop.

Madison skidded to a stop alongside her friend. They stepped off their bikes and laid them carefully on the ground.  The boys turned around and pedaled back to where the girls stood peering into the forest of pine trees.

“What’s…..Jeez, who’s that?” Lucas asked. He lowered his bike and approached the man who lay tangled in dead, but thorny, raspberry branches. He lay only meters from the dirt path.

“Is he dead?” Madison asked.

Tom placed his fingers against the man’s neck. “No pulse and plenty of blood.” He held up his hand; blood ran from his fingers onto his wrist.

Lucas crouched closer and examined the dead man’s neck. “Lost a lot of blood, probably what killed him.”

“Ya think, Einstein?” Tom said sarcastically.

“His shorts are covered with blood too,” Tamara said.

“Yeah, hate to think what’s happened down there. Better leave it alone and call the cops.” Lucas dialed triple zero. After explaining what they had found, and their location, the four teens settled themselves by the path to wait.


Station Sargent Owen Marks, strode to Detective Inspector Flynn Mitchell’s office and handed over the phone report. Flynn read the scribble while Owen stood patiently.

“Thanks, Sargent. Locate Detective Richards and Detective King and ask them to report to me. I’m gonna take a look at this one with them. Radio Senior Constable Little and Senior Constable White and tell them to meet us at the scene. Call Constable Saunders and tell her I’d like two dogs. Get someone from Forensics out there too.”

“Yes, sir.” The Sargent left to make the relevant calls.

Flynn picked up the phone and dialed the number of Commander Justin Fairweather, the Deputy Chief Police Officer – Crimes. He answered on the second ring.

“Commander Fairweather.”

“Sir. Detective Inspector Mitchell. We’ve just received a report of a body found off a dirt track in Pierce’s Creek Forest. It’s about a hundred meters from Murray’s Crossing. I’ve organized two detectives, two constables, and dogs. I’d like to take a look at this one myself.”

“Who found the body?”

“Four teenagers who were cycling in the area.”

“Any details?”

“Only that there is a lot of blood and the man is, according to one of the teenagers, old. The boy who called dispatch said the deceased was probably twenty something.”

“Haha, I must be fucking ancient.”

“I guess to teenagers, anyone over twenty is old. We have the satisfaction of knowing they won’t think so when they are that age.”

“That’s the truth. Why do you want to look at this one?”

“No real reason. I haven’t been on a case for a while and I like to keep my investigative skills up.”

“Fair call. Let me know what you find.”

“Will do, sir.”

The commander hung up and Flynn replaced his phone in the cradle at the same time two detectives appeared in the doorway.

“Sir, Sarg said you asked us to report to you.” Detective Peyton Richards said.

Flynn stood, picked up his keys and rounded his desk. “We have a murder near a bike trail off Paddy’s River Road. Teenagers found the body and phoned it in. I want you two to investigate and I’m tagging along.”

“Yes, sir.” Detective Jace King moved aside so Flynn could exit the office first.

Grim-faced, the three Detectives headed for Flynn’s unmarked police car.

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