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Aaronica (Aaron) Badensous is a Greek Drug Lord; his cartel is running Cocaine all over Europe, and he is about to flood Sydney with the deadly drug.

Nikator (Nicci) Osiris is Aaron’s lover and partner.

Courtney Rogers is their housekeeper.  She’s been trapped in their world of illicit drugs and crime for over six months. She rues the day she consented to move into their palatial home.

When she is found beaten, bloody and close to death in a back alley of Kings Cross, Detective Travis McMahon, and his partner, Elizabeth Wilson are called in on her case.

Will Travis be able to protect her from the powerful drug lord?


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Courtney undressed, flung the clothes in the wardrobe, washed and crawled into bed. She drifted into a restless sleep while she waited for Aaron to appear and do fuck only knew what to her.

She woke and checked the bedside clock. It was two thirty in the morning, and Aaron had not yet come to punish her She needed a drink and slipped quietly downstairs. The men were in the living room talking; she crept to the door.

“So it’s set. Tomorrow night I’ll call K-man and tell him to meet me where we agreed. Giannis will have the woodchipper ready.” Christos said.

Aaron spoke next. “It’s a pity he won’t co-operate with us, but we can’t risk that tanker on its way up from Melbourne. There’s six hundred million bucks’ worth of cocaine in it, enough to addict thousands in Sydney and get our business well established.”

“Can’t we just let him go?” Giannis had been a close friend of Kosmos ‘K-man’ Habel. They had grown up together in an inner Western Sydney Greek community.

After school, they had gone their separate ways but had met up again at a wedding, six months ago. Kosmos was looking for work, so Giannis had discussed it with Aaron and brought him onboard. He would be sorry to see him murdered but Kosmos was trying to make changes to their plans. Aaron didn’t like being challenged or questioned. He demanded complete co-operation at all times.

“He knows too much, and I can’t trust him to keep quiet. No, he has to go, and it has to be before that tanker sets out.” Aaron said.

“Make sure you have some trees ready to chip with the body, Giannis. They will mix in with the flesh and bone; it will look like mulch on the forest floor to passers-by.” Nicci instructed.

Courtney gasped. They’re planning to murder someone!

The men’s heads turned towards the door in time to see Courtney fleeing.

“Great, now I’ll have to dispose of her too.” Aaron rose from his chair. “Get the limo out, Nicci,” he called over his shoulder as he stomped after her.