Bound By Love EBook


Imogen Walters is one classy Lawyer in the middle of prosecuting a murder case.

Aaron Jordan is a self-made billionaire thanks to a software computer company owned entirely by him.

When Imogen falls foul of the city Mayor and she is threatened by him and two of his thugs, will she walk away in one piece?

Can Aaron get revenge for the woman he loves more than anything else on earth?

What is it that pushes Imogen to breaking point?

Bound By Love Full



Imogen glanced across the courtroom and noted Aaron seated in the public gallery. Muscles bunched under his shirt stretching it tight. Locks of his glossy black hair hung over his forehead and his piercing blue eyes locked with hers. Warmth pooled in her pussy; she found it difficult to concentrate knowing his hungry gaze was watching her every move.

Aaron curled his lips into a grin, he hadn’t missed Imogen squirming uncomfortably when she had first noticed him in the gallery. His beautiful, tall, leggy brunette rose from her chair, turned her back and began fiddling with papers. He knew he was being unfair unsettling her in this way. This was an important trial for his Sub. It involved the Mayor’s son and could make or break her brilliant career.

Imogen breathed deeply. She couldn’t let her clients down by being distracted. She loved Sir dearly, but she would have to talk with him. She couldn’t have him attending this trial and distracting her.

“Please rise for the Honourable Judge Dalton O’Malley,” a voice from the front of the courtroom announced.

Imogen came to attention and when she dared to take a quick peek in the direction of the gallery, she noticed Aaron had left. She exhaled with relief.

Aaron strolled outside into the bright sunshine. He had done what he had come to do. His Sub needed to be kept informed of who was in charge at all times. He smiled to himself as he headed for his favorite café at Circular Quay.

He would enjoy a latté while he drank in the first warmth of summer and made plans for tonight.

He weaved his way down George Street, smiling at several women and girls as he went. He was well aware his physique attracted interest, but he had the only woman he wanted. Imogen was his whole life, he would never hurt her by straying.

He entered the café on the waterfront and was immediately shown to a table overlooking the harbor. The view was magnificent. The water sparkled in the sunlight and vessels of every shape, color and size floated in all directions. Aaron was content. He picked up the daily paper which had been placed down with his latté and began reading.

He would not pick Imogen up from the trial. He would meet her at home, he had something special in mind.

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