Born to be Different EBook


I was Born to be Different.

My parents and sister did their best to change me but I needed to be true to myself. I wasn’t wrong, I was different. This was what my first lover taught me.

When he was taken from me, I spent eleven years on my own.

Sure, I had casual relationships but I thought I would never fall in love again.

Then, Rafe came into my life. Well, not really, he’d actually been in it for a long time. We just hadn’t noticed each other in that way.

We quickly fell into a passionate relationship and everything appeared to be great. Unfortunately past lovers couldn’t let go and our lives could have crumbled around us.

With the love of each other, family and friends, we determine to conquer adversity.


I have been in a long term relationship with a man I have found out is betraying me. My heart has been broken.

I have known Wade for many years but when his own relationship breaks down, around the same time as mine, we are drawn to each other.

It doesn’t take long for me to realize, we were always meant to be.

Wade is everything George wasn’t. Attentive, gentle and man can he love.

Will our pasts come back to tear us apart?

Or together, will we not only make it through, but become even stronger?

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Chapter One


“Mason, please quit teasing and fuck me. My dick is so hard I could hammer goddamn nails with it.”

Mason, my lover, has me at his mercy. I’m spread eagled and tied to the bedposts. All I can do is writhe as he peppers my body with kisses, sucks on my nipples and shoves his fingers into my ass. He’s everywhere but where I want him to be, sucking my cock.

“Darling, you really don’t have any patience do you?”

“Fuck, no. Not when my dick is aching like hell and my balls are climbing up inside my fuckin’ body. I need to release my cum. Please untie me and let me fuck your sexy ass.”

Mason laughs. “Not gonna happen. I’ll suck you off when I’m ready, not when you want it.”

“I hate you.”

“I know. You tell me that every time we fuck.”

He lowers his lips to mine and his tongue delves inside. Our teeth clash as the kiss heats up and becomes frantic. I push my cock against his; it causes the friction I need to bring me close to the edge. Then, the bastard moves off me. Just as I’m about to unload, he fuckin’ moves.

“You must have been a fuckin’ torturer in a previous life.”

He runs his soft hand down my cheek before pushing his cock between my lips. I taste the salty sweetness of pre cum. He’s as randy as I am. My tongue caresses his length as he pushes in, and then draws back. It delves into his slit and I relish his moans.

“Fuck, you give the best head. I’m gonna come.”

I suck in my cheeks and close tightly around him. Two more sucks and he empties his load down my throat. He moans with delight. I want to touch him. Caress him. Hold him tight and fuck him. I milk him dry and he withdraws.

I watch as he grabs a tube of lube and a condom from the nightstand. He sheaths me and reaches around to lube up his ass. I sigh with delight as he lowers himself onto me. My cock pulses, convulses as Mason raises and lowers himself over my length like an out of control piston. It doesn’t take long before I explode. My vision falters for a few seconds as wave after wave of orgasm spears through me.

Mason leans forward and his lips close over mine. He kisses me tenderly. We’re both satisfied now. The urgency, gone. He unties me and we curl into each other’s arms. Another kiss and Mason drifts off. We’re both exhausted but sated.

I kiss the top of his head as I lay thinking.


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